Cristian Sima la Unde TV cu Robert Turcescu ca moderator, despre situatia din Islanda

Cristian Sima : De la prietenul meu Gunnar Guttormur Kjeld, am primit urmatoarele explicatii pentru situatia din Islanda. Cititi cu atentie ultima fraza !!!

People are demanding that the prime minister of Iceland will resign for his connection with an offshore company. allegedly his wife has millions of dollars in that company. What is embarrassing about this is that the company had claims on the Icelandic banking system, like the hedge funds that bought cheap claims on the Icelandic banks and tried to maximize them. Basically people feel he was serving the banks and the finance not the people. People will not stop demonstrating until he resigns. The demonstration yesterday were the biggest in Iceland´s history.

And he will resign.There will probably be new election.
But while this is happening, american air force jets moved to Iceland.

sursa : Cristian Sima

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